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absolutely stunned. >> more reaction to what some the bowiecking end to state university murder trial. the student not guilty. >> what ended analytical behind bars. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's friday morning, november 16. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. cynne simpson is in new york ready for her big debut.g here is jacqui jeras. you guys will have to watch at 3:00 on abc 7. meantime, waking up to again today. take a look at the satellite picture. there are some sprinkles to the east of the metro area. very heavy is expected.
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will be out of here shortly. i think we will get a little .unshine this afternoon now it reagan national, n manassas, 44 in fredericksburg, 38 at bwi marshall. 28 in petersburg. 29 in petersburg. 40 in charlottesville. expected mostly cloudy skies at degrees at 9:00, 51 at noon with some breaks in the clouds. a little sunshine this cloudy, 53partly 5:00.s at your thanksgiving forecast is coming up. will tell you how to seize the s weekend.wers thi a check on traffic and weather with steve. >> 395 at duke street, looks very good. springfield towards the 14th street bridge, lanes are open. toing well all the way up streetoss the 14th bridge. problemsdistrict, no the third street tunnel. no. montgomery county, 270 near 109, no delays,
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volume towards the scales, still looks pretty good. divide, still a right. utility work in georgetown at street andection canal road and the key bridge, georgetown, you will see the road work on the right turn on affecting your to the key bridge. we will let you know when that gets cleared away. back to you. >> thank you. first, the search continues for the-month-old girl at center of an amber alert in virginia. a dealer to issued thursday after alexis carlyle halifax county in southern virginia. the think she could be in morning withs these two people. eric black and decker for carlyle. investigators have not released the suspects know the toddler. jennifer carlisle. they may be driving in a brown
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nissan station wagon with the virginia license plate. if you know anything, call police. capitol hill, that's where former cia director david petraeus will testify today before a house committee. aboutwill be questioned on the u.s.attack that killed libya americans. john gonzalez has a look ahead >> . the general is expected to give timeline before and during the attacks. the question this morning on hill, can he keep his sex scandal from becoming a distraction? amid a tremendous gamble, petraeus goes to capitol face will meet behind closed doors with the house and senate intelligence committees. his testimony comes a week after as dia director after admitting to an extramarital affair. director general petraeus tripoli and interviewed involved.e people >> the september 11 attack in
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left a for your people dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. makers have for already heard the acting cia director and watched a real-time video of the attacks. mistakes were made. we know we have to learn from this. many questions have been raised obamawhat the at the timeon new knew it was a terrorist attack. think the't intelligence community in any politicized intelligence provided to members of the. administration or the be solelytimony will the benghazi attacks. the general is not expected to about whether his conduct compromised national security. live on capitol hill, john gonzalez. >> keep us posted. the looming fiscal cliff takes stage of the white house today when president obama sits down with congressional leaders on preventing a combination of tax increases and that will take effect in january.
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white house says the president trillion in $1.60 over the next decade. say they will accept but not higher tax rates. >> in prince george's county is verdict in the bowie state university murder trial. jurors acquitted alexis simpson and on all charges. charged with murdering her roommate dominique frazier in their dorm room last year. simpson said she acted in self- defense and the jury believed her. thank you jesus. that's all i want to say. is a god. believe. >> my friend got found not guilty because she is innocent. s not need to be walking the streets. >> simpson-bowles attorney says she will likely resume a study fall but most likely not at bowie state. >> there's an option for drivers hoping for a smooth commute. the new express lanes on the in northern open virginia. more.e carter has >> in the commonwealth, a new commuting option is just hours but it comes at a cost.
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>> if it cuts down the time significantly, it would be worth any amount. >> hot lanes, two in each direction covering 14 miles springfield and tysons will cost drivers a different amount depending on the time of day. during nonpeak hours, $1 or $8. $6 if not more during peak hour is. prices lead to fewer drivers, for ensuring the lanes following at 45-65 miles an hour. >> it will be raised as high as to manage traffic levels. some drivers say it's worth it. to breezellars inough instead of sitting all the traffic, absolutely. >> a couple things to remember if you are using the hot lanes saturday, you will pass.n e-z three or more people for the high occupancy lanes. r barriers that you cannot cross.
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and it is illegal. willuestion remains, alleviate the traffic on the beltway? reporting.ter >> thanks so much. it will soon be easier for metro get real delays andion about shutdowns. the transit agency is installing displays at station entrances. not replace existing screens that say when the next train will arrive. it should be finished in the next few weeks. >> 41 a peek outside. >> a popular holiday attraction returns to national harbor. adam caskey will join us with a look at it. twist this year. and cynne simpson is in new york. out where you can see her york. have a good night. rhere you go. you, too.
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of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. help you wake up each day. new alarm clock app for personalized some ofne and voiced by us right here. news, weather, and traffic on a home page. our website to download that for free. >> it's a little cold outside. >> we are about where we should of averages for this
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year.f are preventing us much colder to get down below freezing. we do have a couple of sprinkles this morning. we are seeing that in st. calvert and towards the delmarva. this could move towards fredericksburg, so don't be get a sprinkle. be light and short- lived. we are just deal with clouds for at dulles, 36 in in winchester.32 t your express forecast, mostly skies and 44 degrees at 9:00, 51 by noon. i think we will get some more than yesterday. by 5:00, partly cloudy and 53 degrees. that's the latest on the forecast. let's see how things are moving on the streets with steve hershorn. >> moving pretty well. the beltway at colesville road, moving smoothly. no road work left. you should find everything open.
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inner loop towards college park, loop westbound all we're bridge, looksgion pretty good. still seeing road work at the bridge on canal road if you headed inbound from towards georgetown, side ofind the right affected and a turn on to the key bridge. inbound the bridge into the are ok., you so far, no delays try to get past that. briefly approach in the work zone. springfield, looks good so far. 95 n street 95 moving smoothly. just reported broken-down outbound 395 near route 1 crystal city. police are looking for that. back to you. >> thank you. we will check in with jummy olabanji at the desk in the newsroom. >> good morning. in our area, maryland, district cannot text and drive or talk on the phone and dry. germany police of arrested a
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o has a home office inside passenger seat of his car. out the picture we got from the associated press. the 35-year-old man was pulled because he was going 80 hour, which is higher speed limit.ed once they pulled him over, they found this wooden frame inside passenger seat with a laptop docking station tilted for easy access. printer, a router, a internet, and his system and his mounted onto his windshield. they cannot give him a ticket this home office they have car because t whilef he was using i car, but he did get ticket of $153. and he got a fine for possibly some unsecured items in car. back to you. >> thank you. never seen anything like that before. you never know what you are out there.nd right.'s
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distracted driving. >> serious multitasking. coming up, news you don't want we approach the holiday shopping season. some
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simpson is hitting the little later this friday. she's in the big apple where she will serve as the guest co- on this afternoon's episode
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" at 3:00 today on abc 7. he wasa month ago that in the studio here. she would co- host with him. we will talk with her at 6:00 morning. look for all the behind-the- tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. for around dr. film makes a house call. changed.of life has how to do your best in today's changing world. hil. p >> and national harbor there's a ticking off today. >> meteorologist adam caskey has of checking itnt out with. i have seven layers on this morning. exhibitt the new ice
5:18 am
today all the way through january 6. degrees eveny 10 right now. than what'solder outside. shreck the there are ice things. about the exhibit and can expect. ice become a tradition in the washington region. our indoor walk-through attraction made from 2 million pounds of ice. you see these amazing life sized ice sculptures where we tell the , who does shrek christmas, learns how to celebrate christmas. friends share the trimming of the holidays with him. >> it feels like he has gone and ice fishing. this is another scene in this room. his tree stumpe
5:19 am
home, where he lived. , made of ice. a lot of people may not be familiar with the ice sculptures color, which makes this unique. >> we're at the gaylord national harbor. opens today all the way through january 6 and its open you cansgiving day so out with a family. there's more on our website, nothing to worry about in the weather. maryland in southern on the eastern shores this morning. today and any later t warmer. -- there's a little rainfall in maryland and on the eastern shores this morning. >> thank you. you can double the temperature outside.
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yes. >> we are beyond that. that's good news for us. clouds are helping us this morning. i know it is a bomber. we have had a couple of cloudy days. i know it is a bummer. we are cloudy in maryland and virginia and towards the delmarva. sprinkles out there. you can see them on life support doppler towards the eastern bute and parts of maryland, -- toot going to mount much. to will dry out quickly. cloudy this morning, 43 degrees. of 32.nt very light wind out of the north and northwest at 3 miles an hour. dealing withe not a wind chill on top of the cold temperatures. it's 32 in frederick, 39 at dulles and manassas, 42 in
5:21 am
quantico. off to our west, 39 in culpeper. 29 in petersburg. 32 in winchester. across the region, look at the cold twenties across the interior. pressure in this area. that will nudged a little closer a weak coldwith lly.t to keep us chi an overall northerly flow. tempers will stay in the but we should see more sunshine tomorrow. so that's good news. if you peaks of sunshine this afternoon. clear skies tonight. the meteor showers will be this weekend with the best viewing between midnight and dawn. you can look anywhere in the sky. not be a spectacular show this year. 10-15 meteor as per hour. be a crescent moon tonight. sunny today, high 50-55.ture let's check contract with steve
5:22 am
hershorn. 270 has a little volume to the truck 109 scales, just bought. way down to the lane divide. everything is moving smoothly county withgomery no incidents reported. utility work still at the key bridge. headed in bounds on georgetown, it's road. right side of the looks like it is there and picking it up. georgetown at in the keyrict side of bridge. to springfield, moving smoothly. a little more volume towards the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. nintendo has a new gaming console in time for the holidays. hard to find. paula faris has details at. laying odds on the small tablets. shopping website predicts the
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will outsell the mini. website bases that on a number of searches for each one. s $130 cheaperi the apple. shipping the largest 5rsion of its kindle fire hd of schedule. the 8.9 inchrt of not be shipping until early next month. a shortage is expected for the wii gamingnew console. off the shelves and nintendo got a late start of production. that's a new iphone app little creepy, called cute you from the phone time.e she giggles and others pre- recorded phrases in japanese and it's only a dollar. ♪
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this one. a block on the corner. the open field. he is gone. >> that was thursday's prime- time match up between buffalo and miami. a 79 yard punt return. later in the quarter it was miami's turn. entered with a 96 yard kickoff return. it was the buffalo bills with the last laugh. they ended up winning the game, 19-14. it is 5:27 right now. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, drivers will to be to theway this therday's opening of of the beltway in northern virginia.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead, a week after resigning, david petraeus goes hill, where he will theer questions about r u.s. consulate attack in libya. good morning, washington. it's friday, november 16. i'm steve chenevey. i am pamela brown. now let's get straight to jacqui jeras. what is on tap for today. >> not a bad day overall. we have cloud cover to start. andly dline, chil chillytures -- temperatures. a peak of sunshine this afternoon. definitely a sunny start to the weekend for your saturday. banks giving is less than a week away. sneak peak for your spanx the beach forecast in this half-hour. meantime, temperatures
5:32 am
e 30's, 32 inin th martinsburg and 37 in culpeper. 36 in gaithersburg, 39 at dulles. in washington. are expense forecast, mostly and 44 at 9:00. 51 by noon. 53 at 5:00, partly cloudy. let's see how traffic is friday with on this steve hershorn. >> happy friday. a beautiful shot of the capitol dome. but there's a paving operation on pennsylvania avenue nw street at 14th active.still very much when thatt you know clears up. be zigzaging along pennsylvania avenue in both if you are driving downtown. ongoing utility work in georgetown, on canal road and m street at the key bridge. headed in down, you'll
5:33 am
for direction to turn on to the key bridge. outbound is open. there's a flagging operation to let you know where to go. be there for a little while. moving smoothly, street bridge from 95. a little heavier volume in the main lanes and hov lanes. back to you. >> thank you. lawmakers are expected to hear former cia director david hours.s in a couple is supposed to be out september oppose the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that u.s. ambassador and three other americans. john gonzalez as a preview. it was up in the air whether was going toy happen. now we know it is. this morning during a closed hearing with the house and senate intelligence committees. this testimony comes about a after the former director down as the cia director after admitting to an extramarital affair. the september 11 attack in libya, left four
5:34 am
including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. already heard from cia director and watched a real-time video of the attack. lawmakers have already heard from the acting cia director. conductern is that' have compromised national security. will only talke about the benghazi attack today l not tell about his scandal report. and live on capitol hill, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> in prince or discounted, a state university students charged with killing her roommate has been acquitted. a jury found alexis simpson not in september 2011 stabbing death of dominique frazier. prosecutors said simpson was the in the fight that led reject that simpson was not butaggressor in the fight was trying to defend yourself.
5:35 am
manassas woman who led police on a wild chase through virginia a preliminaryas hearing today. started on 66 in virginia and pressed her car near in rockville.ll she faces several charges including assault and reckless endangerment today. >> years and job opportunity. there's a doctor today from until 6:00 p.m. at the washington convention center. register on-line in advance. go to the web site. >> a big weekend for drivers as of the express lanes in northern virginia will open tomorrow. >> what can we expect? brianne carter is live in tysons corner. good morning. >> what to expect is a question are asking, waiting for. the for to open way it is almost over. exactly what drivers ond to know before they hit tomorrow and again for monday to beush on lanes, wee the new by aoined this morning
5:36 am
representative. should drivers no monday for the press there rush-hour they will be able to use these lanes? the first thing they should know is when the 495 express open, they will never commute on the beltway monday. he will travel between 45 miles 55 miles an hour. have new signals, new ramps, new traffic patterns. we're urging everybody to go 495express >> tell people what they should out for on the signs. >> before every entrance to the 495 express lanes, you will see will show prices so you know what the tolls will be in.
5:37 am
on every sign you will see the e-z pass logo. everybody needs an e-z pass to use the 495 express lanes. if you are carpoolers, you can youthe lanes toll-free if have three people in your car. >> thanks so much. there's a lot of informations you'll want to know. these lands will open tomorrow. the firstning will be to for rush-hour commuters easele to use the lanes to some of the traffic on the beltway. brianne carter reporting. a new poll shows many people in virginia are not in favor putting tolls on 95. the 57% of people say 95 should have a toll to pay for road repairs. the alternative of a tax, begins would prefer the toll. mcdonnell is proposing on 95oll to be charged south of richmond. >> its friday. people living near aberdeen of loud noiseot
5:38 am
during the next few days. army tests center plans to conduct several large detonations through wednesday. the explosions will likely be heard and felt outside the installation. 5:37, 40 degrees on this friday. taking ahead if you're metro this weekend. which lines will see delays of upcoming track work.
5:39 am
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>> i miss holloway with the capital area food bank. r food,always looking fo donations, and volunteers. go to the website. good morning, washington. >> i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. 5:41 is the time. have a couple sprinkles to start across parts of southern maryland and around the eastern shore. this will not amount to much. not last long. dealing with clouds for the most part. manassas, 42 in degrees in3 , 44 inton, d.c. annapolis. more clouds this morning, but a sunshine this afternoon. cool,l continue to be with a high temperature between 55.nd
5:42 am
a lot of sunshine on saturday. prominent clients sunday through wednesday. things looking good for degrees and, 59 sunshine. that puts you in a good new this morning. .et's check on traffic it's not going to cause much consternation. e are across the 14th street bridge, looks pretty good. springfield to the 14th no significant little volume. no significant backups. heading up the pennsylvania avenue, you will see the a paving operation. pennsylvania avenue between .hird street and 14th street nw you can see the flash and lights. they may be trying to get that out of the way. , towards capital. e utility work in georgetown at the key bridge.
5:43 am
if you're headed inbound, you'll sidehat on the right to get onyour ability bridge.ey they are directing your town that. longer fornot much that cleared away. back to you. >> thank you. metro riders could face delays as we can do contract work. red line trains will single between takoma and forest glen. betweene trains roadum-armory and addison closing on sunday. tonight and sunday, orange line will single track between east and west falls church. saturday, blue and yellow will track between pentagon city and reagan national. who does not like free food? we're giving you a chance to in a thousands of dollars free groceries. during the 6:00 are we will the new clue of the day. our facebook and enter that call on the page, which you will find when you go to that link.
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entered for a chance to win a $500 seyferth way gift cards. announced every morning until tuesday. we will do that about 6:45 this morning. be oneesday there will winner will get a $5,000 gift card. the time right now, 5:45, 41 degrees. >> trouble for the brother of actress mia farrow. a
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[ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spenend 35 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 35 dollars and get a fresh shadybrook farms turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway.ngredients for life. >> tonight, cynne simpson goes as a guest host on the anderson cooper show on abc at 3:00 p.m. then tonight on the news at 5, she will tell us all about her experience and give us a behind- the-scenes look at the anderson show. tell us alled to about it. join us at 5:00. >> we will. at 6:00, we will check in with
5:48 am
.t cynne simpson before she gets ready for the show, she will talk with us upcoming show with anderson. a local businesswoman shares experience after spending thenight sleeping on streets of d.c. e of us may not like the but we will talk about makes somess that allergic to the cold. it is a real condition. we will talk about that at 6:00. >> sounds good. ads you've seen in metro stations. >> metro is now adding disclaimers. olabanji is alive desk with details on this story. yes, those were put up theral weeks ago by american freedom defense initiative. founder paid for the anti- at several metro system. across the now from ang a story that shows a new
5:49 am
disclaimer that says it is a advertisement and that is forum andated public endorse any views expressed. spokesman said the disclaimer is a new requirement or advocacytical advertisement that are mounted on the transit system. anything but a senthat you see l have disclaimers. you can see is running along the d at a metrois a station in maryland. americaner of the m group said that she's outraged by this disclaimer, but metro says all of these ads will have them. back to you. >> thank you. d.c. council pulmonary approved requiring the universal sex abuse against
5:50 am
children. requires anyone who knows or believes a child has been abused to report that to authorities. expanded law that requires only ortain people like teachers doctors to report suspected abuse. latest jurisdiction its loss in the of the penn state child sex abuse scandal. the latest on the arrest in our mia farrow'sss it john charles faces several x abuse charges now. an investigation was launched in after police in edgewater, maryland, received information several children in the area had been abused. two men came forward identifying him as the suspect. molested them between 2000 and 2008. spoke with the parents of one of the accusers. christie's about catatonic .urrently out, i can almost this happened,y because my son went from being a little kid to lying all time, having major behavior
5:51 am
issues. john charles villers-farrow is held on $800,000 bond at. >> a man convicted of plotting a suicide bombing attack in new york city will be sentenced today in brooklyn. he and two high-school friends are planning to bomb by the subway, square, or another heavily packed location appeared days ofe within out the attacks. prosecutors are pushing for life in prison for him. investigators are trying to why a freight train slammed into a parade floats in .exas >> for your people died and 17 injured in the incident at a crossing in the land, texas. the load was headed to a nearby honoring wounded veterans. was filled with veterans and their spouses. crossing gates and the lights at the time, but the trainlear if crews of the approaching full. >> you could be at risk of poisoning atde hotels. >> and united is separate from computer meltdown.
5:52 am
bell at blumberg in york. >> hello. united continental may have had of the late passengers in the d.c. area yesterday. the world's largest share your experience in a computer failure for the third time this year planesaused hundreds of to be the late. the carrier risks losing fed up, especially travelers who fly often and typically pay more for their seats. staying in hotels may want to take extra safety such as bringing own carbon monoxide detector. according to an investigation by people diedeight and 180 others have been treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in hotels in the past three years. many hotelsys in guest the detectors rooms possibly because of the cost. thanks getting upon us, the you clean up your plate. the usda says a little over one- practically good turkey meat in the u.s. goes uneaten. natural resources defense
5:53 am
council says americans will $282 million worth of s year.leftovers thi each of everything on your plate. that's business news. headquartersberg in new york, linda bell for abc 7 news. but back to you. >> thank you. >> you could take the cranberries and potatoes and sandwich with the turkey. you can save your food. people are starving. are cold this morning. >> they are. >> we cannot break this pattern. temperatures are staying below average. could be worse, definitely. see the glass half full. live super doppler shows a sprinkles across the
5:54 am
eastern shore, southern over intosneaking virginia. this is very light. nothing to get worried about this morning. rain towards madrassa into lusby andpark and sols. getting a few sprinkles. , getting a few sprinkles. cloudy this morning. a little disturbance to our speaking up should stay to the east of the metro area. a cold front across parts of the lakes will be approaching, us reenforcing cold air side even on the cool into the weekend. degrees right now. very light wind out of the north and northwest at 3 miles an hour. don't have a wind chill. at dulles, 37 in gaithersburg, 32 in frederick at this hour. afternoon we are going to some of the clouds. i think you will get a little
5:55 am
sunshine. out forll be clearing keeping us in the 30's. tonight, is the peak of the leonid meteor shower. see that best between midnight and dawn. look anywhere in the skies. not a spectacular show of stars, but 10 to 15 per hour. exciting. partly sunny today, 50-55. mostly clear tonight, 28-36. seven-day forecast, looking good. degrees on thanksgiving. thinking it's like football after the big dinner. e hershorn now. >> the beltway at new hampshire avenue, report of an accident, traffic, an of on the outer loop of the beltway before university boulevard, a vehicle into a pole on the right, but it looks like it's off the road and is problems from to silver spring.
5:56 am
looking downtown at a paving project on pennsylvania avenue, flashing lights. between third street and street nw. it is still there. back to you. >> thank you. friday, 41 degrees. campbell will join us the finaleview of twilight series. the finaleview of twilight series. now this is a party.
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a former wm be a star is in a quacks she was accused of breaking into a >> happened after she followed her ex-girlfriend to her car. fortunately, no one was hurt. she's being held on bond on aggravated reckless conduct. stars areight" atching some sleep after promotional tour . twilight"grand "breaking don, part ii"as shocking twists.

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